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The name of my business is Olaoluwatosin Jonathan Farm Enterprise. It is located in Osu, Osun state. I am into pepper production, I planted pepper on 3 acres of land. My target markets are market women, eateries, restaurants, supermarkets, hotels and individual homes.   I have spent up to the sum of #500,000.00 on land preparation, nursery preparation, transplanting and labourers' wages. I will need the sum of #100,000.00 to complete the pepper production.   Pepper production will take all year round if properly managed in which I am fully prepared for the year round production if I can get the financial resources from your organization.   Members of the community where the farm is located will be employed to carry out labour works in the farm. This work is their major source of income.     The following are the needed items and their timelines in bracket: Input 1. NPK fertilizer 5 bags 7500/bag #37,500 (18/08/2018)   2. Insecticide 2 bottles 3000/bottle #6,000 (4/08/2018) 3. Baskets 200 baskets 100/basket #20,000 (2/09/2018) Labour 4. Fertilizer application 3 days 1500/day #4,500 (18/08/2018) 5. Manual weeding 5 days 2000/day #10,000 (2/08/2018) 6. Insecticide application 1 day 2000/day #2,000 (4/08/2018) 7. Harvesting 10 days 2000/day #20,000 (4/09/2018). 0days2000/day#20,000(4/09/2018).

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